Marms & Meeks was founded by two young women who have had a life-long passion for science and a deep appreciation for art. We believe that science and art should never be mutually exclusive, but instead merged and celebrated!

Taking inspiration from the intrinsic beauty of Southeast Alaska, our designs feature the usual and the unusual. Perhaps you will find a new appreciation for a creature you see frequently on our beaches, and perhaps you will discover one you never knew was beneath the surface of our rolling seas! We welcome design suggestions.

Speaking of unusual – we know our name is funny. After long discussions of which fish species’ scientific name would be the easiest for customers to pronounce, we went with something a little nearer and dearer to our hearts – puppy dogs! Our brand is named after two beloved pups, “Marms,” who spent many good years on this earth, and “Meeks,” who continues to love us and torment us daily.

Our products are designed in Alaska, and handmade by us or our trusted colleagues in Juneau and the “Lower 48”. Because we both rock full-time jobs (Tayler is a superhero marine biologist and Meghan is an arts non-profit unicorn), we decided to get some extra help with production. See our list of collaborators below. 

We hope that Marms & Meeks makes you smile and brings science and art into your everyday life. We strive for creativity, utility, and some good ol’ fashioned fun!


Tayler & Meghan

Earth-Friendly Practices

Marms & Meeks was founded because of an ardent interest in our Earth - and we make this interest a reality by using only recycled and/or eco-friendly materials. Read about the materials used in each item in the product descriptions. Long live the Earth! 


Stellar Culture & Colleages

Because we both rock full-time jobs, we decided to get some extra help with production. We have partners locally and nationally, and we are proud to say that every product is made in the United States. 

Giving Back

Marms & Meeks is a proud supporter of local and state-wide non-profits. Ask us about discount pricing for graphic design services, or donated goods for fundraising purposes. See our Community page for more info. 

Colleagues & Collaborators