A Year in Review: 2016

Best wishes from Tayler and Meghan!

2016 has been a transformative year for Marms & Meeks! Between launching our online store, drawing fun critters, and searching for recycled packaging, we have stayed pretty busy! We thought we would fill you in on what else has been cookin’ for the two ladies behind the brand.

Tayler and Ryan welcomed visiting family from Georgia over the summer, and spent some time at NOAA’s research station Little Port Walter, naming bears and taking care of baby salmon. They also spent a few hours at the vet, after discovering their dog Lillian has a strange addiction to porcupine quills. Tayler has been kicking butt at the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute, researching the energy levels of commercially important rockfish species and forage fish in the Bering Sea. In January she will head up to Anchorage to present her research at the Alaska Marine Science Symposium. 

Meghan and Lucas tied the knot in May, and were happily married on a rare 70-degree day in Sitka with all of their friends and family around them. They took off for 3 weeks in September, road tripping around Scotland and then visiting Meghan’s host family in France before heading back to reality. They recommend any seafood in Scotland and any wine in France! Meghan is now deep in the planning stages of Juneau’s biggest fundraiser, the 2017 Wearable Arts show, taking place in February. Meeks has found a new squirrel-watching spot on the couch, and has been frolicking in the snow every day.

Although Tayler has gone home to visit family in Georgia for the holidays and Meghan will be cozily at home in Juneau, we both wish all of our friends, family, and customers near and far the happiest of days as we move into the new year. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our quirky hobby and helped us turn it into a living, breathing business! We couldn’t have done it without your help and kind words.

Peace always,

Tayler & Meghan