Here we go!

Marms & Meeks is getting started!

logo drafting

While we do boring stuff like get a business license, struggle with technology, and type in Excel spreadsheets, here’s a little bit about what we are planning!

As two young women who want to bring science and art into your everyday life, we will be starting off our line of accessories and decorative products with printed and framed marine art to put on your walls and some awesome mini recycled canvas bags (think pen and pencil holders, small purses, make up bags).

Our designs will feature creatures you probably recognize, and some you might not even know about. Sea urchins, whales, salmon, seaweed, rockfish, spiny lumpsuckers, tardigrades, and octopi are all on the way!

For now, our products will be available through pop-up boutiques here in Juneau, Alaska, and through word of mouth (shoot us an e-mail!).

Worried about being an environmentally-conscious consumer? Don’t fret. We love recycling. We are printing our designs on pages from old scientific literature, and we get all of our frames at garage sales. Our canvas products are made with recycled cotton, and every part is hand-stitched in New Hampshire.

Stay tuned! Science and art is on its way, from us to you!


Meghan & Tayler