We believe that science and art should never be mutually exclusive,

but instead merged and celebrated.

 Marms & Meeks was founded by two women with a life-long passion for science and a deep appreciation for art. Our products are designed in Juneau, Alaska, and inspired by the beauty of our misty forests, rocky intertidal, and swirling oceans. They are handmade by us, or our trusted colleagues locally or nationally. 

 Marms & Meeks was founded because of an ardent interest in our Earth - and we make this goal a reality by using only recycled and/or eco-friendly materials. From recycled paper to canvas made of recycled cotton and plastic bottles, we make it a point to re-use existing materials.

We hope Marms & Meeks makes you smile and brings art & science into your every day life. Cheers!

Tayler & Meghan